Client Services

We know what energy suppliers look for in evaluating a partner.

Simply put, it’s a sales team that conveys your product message in a thoughtful, courteous manner, always mindful of the power of personal interaction.

You want your representatives well trained, well organized, and aware of the responsibility that comes with representing a brand.

AGR Field Services is an extension of your team.

We Are Your Brand Ambassadors

The largest brand names in retail energy trust AGR Group and its family of companies to deliver a professional, on-target message to prospective customers.

With over 3.5 million sales and countless more customer conversations, AGR Group’s 10 years of experience in energy sales is marked by an unparalleled record of sales quality. We know that our success is built by making our clients proud of the way we represent them in the field. Reaching sales goals is important, yes, but getting there the right way is what sets us apart.

Reputation is everything. AGR Field Services worked hard for the reputation we’ve earned, and know what’s at stake.

It Starts With Good People

We recruit a diverse group of enthusiastic self-starters to drive our can-do office culture. Seasoned sales professionals as well as those looking to start a new career are welcome to join the team.

We typically open a new office with a veteran sales person who is expert in both the energy industry and AGR Field Services policies and procedures. We then advertise locally and recruit new team members who are eager for unlimited opportunity in a professional atmosphere.

Each applicant is screened over the phone by the AGR Field Services HR team, followed by a personal interview conducted by an area manager.

Once accepted, all new employees submit to background checks. They also sign a code-of-conduct pledge and agree to AGR Field Service standards of quality enforcement.

Each step of the screening and on-boarding process for new employees conveys a degree of professionalism and rigor that sets AGR Field Services apart. By the time they clip on their ID badge, our team members embrace the positive attitude and pride of a winning team.

Training and Quality Assurance

AGR Field Services agent training follows two tracks: the product and the method.

Retail energy is in our business DNA. It’s all AGR Group does, and our people have become experts in explaining the intricacies of deregulation and energy choice, and how it benefits the consumer.

Our teams not only learn the pillars of the retail energy business, but how your company and product fits within it, creating a compelling sales pitch that conveys product attributes within industry and historical context.

Secondly, we train our teams in proper sales techniques and the etiquette of door-to-door interactions. We know that while personal sales calls can be an effective vehicle, it can also produce some delicate situations that our agents are trained to handle with tact and grace.

New field agents are assigned to job-shadow more experienced managers though an introductory period. They always work in teams to ensure safety and accountability, and they are required to wear dual-sided ID badges.

After the enrollment forms are submitted by our field agents, the Quality Control Department performs a soft-touch courtesy call to at least 50 percent of those customers to ensure satisfaction with the enrollment process. If anything irregular pops up, they immediately call all of that agent’s sales to identify and investigate any inconsistencies. In many territories, third party verification is required.

AGR Field Services understands the need for stringent training and quality control procedures. We rely on our experience to continually sharpen our procedures, and we know that cutting corners cannot bring the long-term stability we’ve enjoyed.

Tailor-Made Programs

Our experienced teams are built to sustain long-term campaigns, but nimble enough to respond to limited market opportunities. We are your sales arm, and as such are on call to make it work for your marketing plans.

Our cross-company training and operational policies ensure consistent quality from office to office, while proving the opportunity to “transplant” into new market territories and achieve success in a relatively short time. We are always watchful for new opportunities and we are scaleable to meet your needs. Our dedicated program managers will keep you informed, and we welcome your input at every stage of the process.

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